A Comprehensive

Digital Ordering


On-site dining, takeaway or delivery?
Increase your revenue, streamline operations, and keep your business evolving with the future of Epos technology. 


Cloud based system

Need to work remotely?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our cloud based system allows you to access your POS anywhere, anytime, from any device and eliminates the risk of losing data. 

Activity Screen

Tired of looking through multiple tabs when checking the status of orders?  Our Activity screen allows you to see the activity of all of orders on one screen, saving you time and hassle. 


View your sales performance, average order values and best selling items. We give you the tools you need to be successful in building your business and understanding your metrics.  Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports and allow you to make profitable business decisions. 

Menu Loading

Have a new product or price change to make? With our system, you can update your menu as many times as you like via any terminal at your restaurant. Our software can handle any complex menu allowing orders to be taken quickly and effortlessly. 


Save time and reduce wastage with smarter stock control. Evaluate the products you stock to meet customer demand, whilst improving cash flow and reducing costs. 

Customer Database

Our system will save all your customers details including name, address, and phone number.  This can then be used for marketing future promotions and help you become acquainted with your regulars. 

Kitchen Display System

Connect the front of house to the kitchen in real time. View orders and allergy information at a glance to keep your orders organized, improve turnarounds and keep your customers happy. 

Table Management

Manage your reservations and keep your tables moving, while increasing efficiency and customer service. 

Coupons / Discounts

Send voucher codes and promote your latest deals & special items to all your regular customers enticing them to come back and order more. 

Notification via SMS

Reach your customers anywhere, anytime and keep them informed of their order status. 

Payment gateway integration

Stay flexible and accept all payment types seamlessly with Stripe while increasing security and customer service. 

Customized website

Having your own online ordering website allows your customers to order directly from you and opens your business up to more customers, thus more sales.  With HungryEpos, It’s a piece of cake. 

Complete Hospitality

EPOS Solution

Whether you run a takeaway, dine in or a restaurant, get it working faster, smarter and more efficient with our complete Epos system.
Accept all types of payments quickly and securely.

High Definition 15" TFT Screen
Wi-Fi and ethernet enabled
Secure Cash Drawer
Thermal Printer
Personalized onboarding and product training
Seamlessly add ecommerce for Collection or delivery
Track margin data to identify your most profitable products

Everything you need to manage your system in one package. Our POS looks as good as it performs. Sleek, elegant and durable to stand the test of time.

Hungry Epos lets you

Manage orders, sales, and payments in one place

Increased order accuracy

Our KDS seamlessly connects your front of house and kitchen staff so that they can have the visibility to prepare your unforgettable meals effortlessly.   

We know how busy it can get in the kitchen, here’s how our system can handle the heat:- 

  • KDS displays ticket times to keep track of turnaround.  
  • It color-codes the orders to help staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go, and lets staff manage incoming orders more effectively. 
  • It communicates orders clearly and in real-time, completely removing unnecessary back and forth from table to kitchen. Waiters can send in an order as soon as it’s been taken, leaving them with more time to provide customers with recommendations 

Increase Customer Engagement

Engage your customers with our Customer Facing Display (CFD). Designed to keep the lines moving, improve order accuracy, speed and give customers the transparency they want. 
The CFD screen shows orders and payments due, improving customer experience while reducing incorrect purchases. 

Fast and Secure Checkout 

Our secure cash register will guarantee a quick and consistent checkout experience for your customer. Process payments on a platform built for restaurants and invest in your success.  

Create interactive

website for your restaurant

Grow your business with our customized restaurant/takeaway website and increase your profits.   With Hungryepos, you get a website with fully integrated online ordering, allowing your customers to order with ease.  With your own website and domain name your customers can easily find you online and order on any device.  Our website is easy to use and mobile friendly.  


Features that will help you grow your business with Confidence 

Multipage Website

Having your own online ordering website opens your business up to more customers and more sales.
You can create multiple pages too. How about an “About Us” page where your customers can hear your story, or a “Gallery” page showcasing your special offers and Meal Deals? With HungryEpos, it’s a piece of cake.

Quick Customer sign up and Log in

Customers can easily signup and login to place online orders, without the need enter all the details again every time they order

It’s all about your brand 

Upload your logo and pictures of menu items so your digital presence looks and feels like your restaurant. Your customers will order directly from you and our excellent support team is here to help you every step of the way. 

Mobile Verification

We use phone verification, where the customer is sent a unique 4 digit pin code before confirming their order on your website. This extra confirmation by phone helps keep spammers from abusing your website and prevents dummy orders being placed. 

Voucher codes and Marketing Tests

Send voucher codes and promote your latest deals & special items to all your regular customers enticing them to come back and order more.

An online ordering system that is completely integrated with your point of sale

Get orders right every time – orders will be sent to your kitchen and point of sale meaning no more manual entry.


Our support team is committed to your success and will help with you every step of the way. 


Our implementation team will configure HungryEpos and set you up for success. We have Technical experts that will tailor your system to your restaurant with plug and play remote implementation. 


Get help when you need it. Team will provide you demos, personalized one to one on-boarding and product training to get you started.