A Comprehensive

Digital Ordering


On-site dining, takeaway or delivery? You choose, Adapt and thrive with and EPOS & Online Ordering System that make it all possible


Cloud based system

Need to work distantly? Don’t sweat it. Access your POS anywhere, anytime. 

Activity Screen

Tired of changing the tabs to check your orders? Save your time and with no hustle, see activity of all the orders at one stop.


Update your business strategies by looking at your business analytics. We are here to generate daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Menu Loading

Have a new product to upload in your menu? Make menu updates from any terminal at your restaurant or anywhere else from any available gadget. 


Stressed of dealing all the supplies? We are overseeing it for you in the inventory management. 

Customer Database

Need to know your best customer? Become more acquainted with point-by-point information of everyone of your customer.

Kitchen Display System

We have got KDS for connecting your front of house and kitchen staff so they can deliver unforgettable meals. 

Table Management

Deal with your reservations and waitlists without any problem. Moreover, watch out for which tables are full, and which are vacant

Coupons / Discounts

Who doesn’t need discounts? We are giving you commission free website so you can offer deals and discounts for your customers. 

Notification via SMS

Try not to miss any order because of the rush of orders. We are sending you the notifications via SMS.

Payment gateway integration

Out of cash and want to order? Don’t worry pay via card and enjoy.

Customized website

Own your online food ordering website with your logo.

Complete Hospitality

EPOS Solution

Whether you run a takeaway, dine in or a restaurant, get working faster, smarter and more efficient with our complete Epos system.
Accept all types of payments quickly and securely.

TFT High Definition 15''
Wi-Fi and ethernet enabled
Secure Cash Drawer
Thermal Printer
Personalized onboarding and product training
Seamlessly add ecommerce for Collection or delivery
Track margin data to identify your most profitable products

POS System that helps in making

Ordering Process easy

Increased order accuracy

A kitchen display system eliminates such issues by exhibiting all food arrangement staff requires to think about every customer’s order on a brilliantly lit, simple to-understand screen, and by filling in as a central vault for all orders.

Customer Engagement

Engaging your customers creates more certainly and dedication towards the brand. This interaction between customer and brand makes the customer more likely to remember the brand and the store. Order Transparency in Customer Facing Display. CFDs reduce human errors and you don’t have to do changes and show the screen to the customer for his feedback  multiple times. 

Fast Checkouts

Cash registers will guarantee that the checkout phase of your business is pretty much as quick and consistent as could be expected. They can be utilized to rapidly compute the total sales price of each transaction

A sales reciept can be provided for the customer that details the transaction.

You can even make use of sales receipts to publicize forthcoming occasions in your store for example occasional deals or new item dispatches. 

Create interactive

website for your restaurant

Grow your business with or customized restaurant/takeaway website and increase your profits. With HungryEpos, you get a website with fully integrated online ordering, allowing your customers to order with ease. With your own website and domain name your customers can easily find you online and order on any device. Our website is easy to use and mobile friendly. 

All the Features you need to Grow Your Business

Multipage Website

Having your own online ordering website open your business up to more customers and more sales.
You can create multiple pages too. How about an “About Us” page where your customers can hear your story, or a “Gallery” page showcasing your special offers and Meal Deals? With HungryEpos, it’s a piece of cake.

Quick Customer sign up and Log in

Customers can easily signup and login to place online orders, without the need enter all the details again every time they order

Menu Updates 

We understand restaurants may need to change their prices and items from time to time, but do not worry, we take the stress away and can update your menu as required via our efficient support staff.

Mobile Verification

We use phone verification, where this customer is sent a unique 4 digit pin code before confirming their order on your website. This extra confirmation by phone helps keep spammers from abusing your website and prevents dummy orders being placed. 

Voucher codes and Marketing Tests

Send voucher codes and promote your latest deals & special items to all your regular customers enticing them to come back and order more.